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Throughout the past twenty years Jonathan Segal FAIA has created and modeled the unique practice of ‘Architect as Developer.’ He has designed, developed, and constructed National award-winning single-family live/work residences and medium to high-density mixed-use housing in downtown San Diego and La Jolla, California since 1988.

Architects of today are losing control and slowly losing their ability to lead the direction of architecture and place making in the urban environment. Fortunately, by practicing the firm prototype of ‘Architect as Developer’ the architect has the ability to become the owner, therefore eliminating the client and the general contractor from the design and building process. The architect is then in full control to create better city environments for the community as well as achieve financial satisfaction.

Due to his success practicing architecture as a developer, Jonathan Segal FAIA’s goal is to promote this method of architectural practice to other architects, so they also can have control, pride, and financial independence. Jonathan has held two seminars in Los Angeles and Washington D.C., with over 1500 participants.

In this online seminar you can take Jonathan Segal’s seminar ‘Architect as Developer’ at your own pace to review and understand the eight different video chapters discussed. Participants of this online seminar will also have the opportunity in the to analyze concrete proformas, insurance, escrow, and contract documents from some of Jonathan’s award-winning projects.


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