Architect as DEVELOPER guides architects through the start to finish process of developing their own work while achieving complete design control as well as financial independence. In this online seminar Jonathan Segal will explain the many topics relative to the concepts of development.


"Segal is perhaps the best known of the architect/developers within the professional community. And for good reason. His work-mostly townhouses and apartments for rent-is both beautiful and lucrative. Design rigor and profit are terms we've rarely seen side by side in the residential marketplace. Segal brought them together and, in doing so, took home scads of design awards as well."

-S. Claire Conroy

Editor, Residential Architect

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Jonathan Segal FAIA redefines the role of the traditional architect by exclusively eliminating the client and developing, constructing and designing his own work. He has designed, developed, and constructed National award winning and trend setting single family and medium- to high-density residential, live/work, and mixed-use housing in downtown San Diego and La Jolla, California since 1988.

Throughout his career, Jonathan has been as devoted to the interests of Downtown San Diego as he is to the creativity of his architecture. Staunchly opposed to insensitive development, Jonathan is adamant about preserving historic and important architecture while sensitively integrating new development. This passion for architecture and downtown has not gone unnoticed. He has received over forty national, state, and local design awards, and several of those underscore that his standout talents have come at an early age: he has won six National American Institute of Architecture Housing Honors (AIA) and four State of California AIA Honor Awards for Urban Housing more than any San Diego architect; he was named by the San Diego Union Tribune as one of “Four Architects” in the city’s history that have made a difference; in 2003, he was named to the AIA’s College of Fellows, FAIA – the youngest San Diego architect to be named to this prestigious fraternity; Jonathan was honored as Residential Architect Magazine’s 2004 National Rising Star; and this month, the Prospect was selected as one of Dwell Magazines top one hundred homes ever published. In January, 2011 Residential Architect Magazine named him as one of the top fifty architects in the nation.

Jonathan’s interests in thoughtful architecture and development extend beyond his own projects. He shares his ideas frequently as an AIA speaker and has lectured at thirty US Universities, at the University of Cataluña in Barcelona, Spain and at numerous AIA chapters preaching “Architect As Developer” nationwide. Most recently, Jonathan has been included as a founding member of the National AIA Congress of Residential Architecture (CORA) and along with Ted Smith founded the Woodbury Institute of Architecture for the Masters in Architectural development (MRED). In 2007, Jonathan presented his first “Architect As Developer” seminar to over seven hundred architects in Los Angeles and the fall of 2008 he presented to over six hundred architects in Washington DC.

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